We are the motor for the future


Even the awareness that our world’s fossil energy resources are finite will hardly affect the people’s desire for unrestricted mobility.
On the contrary: the economic growth of markets in Asia and Easter Europe will result in a drastically increased consumption of energy and resources, with consequential environmental impacts.
Even the usage of renewable resources will not be able to help solving this continuously aggravating issue.


It is imperative, not only from an environmental point of view and with regard to our responsibility for future generations but also if we wish to be able to afford mobility in the future to drastically reduce the consumption and emission of preferably all engines.
For decades, Otto and Diesel engines have been further optimized with regard to efficiency and emission reduction at enormous research and development costs worldwide, rendering these engines more and more complex.
We have come to a point where rising development and manufacturing expenses allow for only marginal efficiency improvements of these conventional systems.


Drastic savings in fuel consumption are only possible by inventing a really novel engine based on a totally different kinematical principle.

This was made possible with the invention of the TEGRAN engine named after the inventors Teichert and Grandy.



The TEGRAN engine is the core of an entirely new, future-oriented drive concept, mainly distinguished from conventional engines by the following advantages:

  • Simple construction reducing the number of moving parts to a minimum. =>Consequently, low friction losses, low wear, simplified maintenance and very low manufacturing costs.
  • All moving parts make circular movements only. =>The power-consuming transformation of reciprocating to rotary movement is omitted.
  • Each piston movement transfers power to the drive shaft. There are virtually no idling cycles, dead centers or idling strokes. =>Significantly enhanced displacement gain and optimized efficiency.
  • High compression of the fuel mixture. =>Complete and low-emission fuel combustion.
  • Modular design: any number of TEGRAN components can be combined on a single drive shaft. =>This allows engines featuring various displacement and power classes to be implemented with a single TEGRAN module. =>Simple, cost-effective series production
  • Depending on the driving situation, single TEGRAN components can be engaged or disengaged. =>This also helps reduce the fuel consumption.
  • Uniform thermal load on the crankcase.
  • The specially designed drive shaft allows the combined operation with an electric motor/generator without coupling or additional transmission on this very shaft. =>Hybrid drive.
  • Compact, extremely low-volume and lightweight design.